[bct] Re: Using in and out marks in Sound forge

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Pam, you can only do one set of in and out markers at a time.  The
setting of those marks selects the part of the file between the marks.
If you move the cursor outside of them, that part of the file is no
longer selected.  This is one reason I sometimes use the M mark.  You
can set these in the file in however many places you want.  Not only can
you go back to them, but, if you want, you can delete the text between
any two marks.  This is because there is no longer a beginning and an
end mark.  Each M mark stands on its own and can be treated however you


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Can you go through a file and set several in and out marks, and then say
for example delete all of the highlighted items in one fell swoop? Or
once you have an in and out mark set, does setting more cancel out the
first ones?


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