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Hi Mary and everyone,

If you have Duxbury on your computer system, it is very easy to switch from
QWERTY keyboard to six key entry in Duxbury.
Depending on the keyboard you have, some keyboards will not allow you to
type six dots using f, d, s, j, k, l  as six key entry.

There is a list of supported keyboards somewhere on the internet that tells
you which one will support it.
It is located at 
Even though Pokadot is mentioned on this particular site, it applies to any
braille entry program whether it be Pokadot, Duxbury, or Braille 2000
braille translators.

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Don, good idea. I wonder why the people selling the original books didn't 
put them in .BRF files. I know computer braille, having used braille 
displays for almost 20 years, so you're right: if you know computer braille,

you can easily interpret the dot patterns. Why wouldn't you be able to enter

the characters in six dot mode? I don't use Duxbury much, so don't know the 
advantages of QWERTY over six-dot entry.

I believe there is a company that sells a six-dot keyboard that you can 
attach to a PC; not sure who they are, and it's probably fairly expensive.


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