[bct] Re: Using Duxbury for Braille Pictures

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  • Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 12:17:15 -0500

Actually, I imagine one could use six-key entry if they wanted to, I guess I
just prefer not to since it's a qwerty keyboard.  Just a matter of
preference I guess.


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Don, good idea. I wonder why the people selling the original books didn't
put them in .BRF files. I know computer braille, having used braille
displays for almost 20 years, so you're right: if you know computer braille,
you can easily interpret the dot patterns. Why wouldn't you be able to enter
the characters in six dot mode? I don't use Duxbury much, so don't know the
advantages of QWERTY over six-dot entry.

I believe there is a company that sells a six-dot keyboard that you can
attach to a PC; not sure who they are, and it's probably fairly expensive.


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