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Debee, isthere a way u could record working with you dog and then edit in
explanations? Is your dog a guide? I listened to your podcasts but can't
remember LOL.
your trip sounds fun! I love taking the train.
You could just record and not tell him LOL.

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> Thanks to Robert Carter who recorded last Saturday night's informal
> training chat. I decided to upload the raw, unedited recording to Larry
> because the bit rate was pretty low. I didn't figure that editing could
> improve it any.
> It's a lively chat, so if you missed it you'll want to watch your
> for it to appear. Poor Larry is getting so much material though, we want
> cut him some slack; I know it will appear when he gets time.
> I am doing a final clicker training roundup for the series. After Part 5,
> then which I'm still working on, I don't plan to cast any more about this
> topic. I've tried to get more recordings of me working with Boston, but
> are largely boring and silent. It's best not to jabber at a dog when he's
> learning something new, and I use a lot of hand signals anyway, so working
> with him live just doesn't make for interesting listening.
> So I'll be switching my efforts over to de-gunking my three computers.
> 2 of that cast is coming along nicely and I hope to finish it in the next
> five days. I'll upload notes to go along with that cast as well.
> Then it's easter break and I'm on vacation. I'm taking my husband on a
> surprise amtrak trip and I'll try to record some of that. He hates being
> recorded so it might not make it to a podcast. I can't wait to use my
> binaurals in outdoor markets and street fairs and train stations.
> And when I return to work in the second week of April, I will be quite
> as I always am at the start of the quarter.
> So I'll probably disappear out of sight for a while when I get real busy
> need to work late. I'll need to get sixty to eighty textbooks scanned
> the first two weeks of Spring quarter and in the evenings, I have no
> left. But in a month or so, it will get less busy again.
> I am hoping to finish the de-gunking series before my really busy time at
> work hits, but  I may not get a chance to do that. On the other hand,
> students might enroll in Spring quarter and I won't have to work late
> will be really nice. It's hard to tell. Ever since another local college
> sued by a blind student for not providing alternate media in a timely
> manner, our administration somehow thinks that just pressuring me to work
> faster is the best way they can avoid being sued themselves. Their
> prescription seems to be "hire a blind person, tell her to work at 100%
> efficiency and you will be safe from lawyers." Isn't the ADA fun!!!
> --Debee
> * The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has
> occurred.

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