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While I use a mixer, it is a German copy of the Mackey; I can't even remember 
the name now.  Anyway, can you or someone explain to me what subs are for.  I 
never used them even when I ran the sound for our church, but it would be nice 
to know what they are suppose to do.

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: About a week ago, I sent a message to the list about Mackie mixers.  In
: my opinion and in the opinions of people I trust, they are as good as
: you can get for the price.  I talked about sliders instead of round
: volume controls being easier to operate.  I was giving a lecture
: yesterday and they were using the Mackie 1202-VLZ-PRO
: Mixer which I mentioned in my message.  This is their less expensive
: mixer, and as I discovered, it does not have sliders for volume
: controls.  The rotary knobs do have pointers that are very easy to feel,
: so it is not impossible to get two stereo channels balanced, but I just
: wanted to report the lack of sliders on this particular model.  The next
: one up in the price range is the one I have and does, in fact, have
: sliders.  It is the 
: 1402-VLZ-PRO.
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