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  • From: "Amy Billman" <abillman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 22:58:51 -0500

I have to second Steve's comment. This could have really been a great list, but actually it has become a bother because no one can seem to do anything about our immature friend with the intelligence of a snail. And folks are giving him the power by continually discussing it. I have never encountered a list with this many issues before, let alone one that is as vulnerable and can obviously be hacked. This, is, really, me, by the way. I too don't have time for this--it is a royal pain to not be able to scroll down through emails sent in this list without having things crash because we have not only a moron who enjoys what he is doing including seeing everyone talking about how much a digital list is impacting them personally, but apparently as well a list provider inept at stopping the issue. News flash: until he is ignored completely--meaning no comments about what he is doing, he won't go away. Like a serial killer he craves the fame and attention he is getting by the comments people are making about what they have been experiencing. The only reason why I am commenting in this case, is because I was thrilled to see that someone else too does not have time for this stupidity. It would not surprise me, given this person's ability to impersonate people, if this person is not actually still a subscribed member to this list--there is truly no telling.

Props to those who are still subscribed and have not commented about the issues! Thank you for doing your part to not help feed the fire so-to-speak!
Amy Billman
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I have tried many times, with different efforts to unsubscribe.

No matter what I do, K keep getting this message back.

442B477A:4EDB.1:oyvaqpbbygrpu // eoj
Invalid number of parameters.

I've never seen a list that is so friggin difficult to deal with.

My PC almost crashed last night during my ACB Radio show, due to the
massive number of worthless e-mails that have been sent through this

I don't have time for this nonsense.

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