[bct] Undesired Programs Running on Boot-up was Re: a good registry cleaner.

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The first thing I do whenever installing anything is to make sure it doesn't
start up automatically.  The only exception is JAWS on my laptop.  If a
program asks if it should run on start-up, I say, "no." If a program appears
in the system tray after I start my computer, I disable that item.  Most
programs will let you set them to run when you want them to and stay
shutdown when you don't.

                  Matt Roberts

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> Haven't we all wondered what the hard drive is doing when, in 
> the middle of just doing nothing, it just starts taking off 
> on it's own for several minutes.  And there are all those 
> programs which we down load which are egotistical enough to 
> believe that they absolutely have to run at start up.  I 
> mean, if I download Real Player, do I necessarily want it to 
> take several seconds to load when I reboot my computer every 
> day, or would I really mind it taking that several seconds 
> longer to load the two times I used it this year?  I think 
> I'll invent a computer broom and just have it sweep away all 
> that unnecessary stuff.  But then, one would have to program 
> it to know what we want to have running, and of course, it 
> would have to run each time we started the computer.  So, we 
> are back to square one, and the hard drive is still running.
> Neal

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