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Wow! Beth.  This sounds really neat.  I'm on my way to check it out as of a
minute ago.


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> From the APH Fred's Head database.  Beth
> If By Phone
> Ifbyphone is a unique voice based information and entertainment service
> available from any telephone. Use your cell phone, home phone or business
> phone
> to access the latest news, listen to your Email, search thousands of RSS
> feeds, access hundreds of blogs, manage your portfolio, listen to a
> report,
> play fun games and enjoy Interactive Fiction, all by voice without
> your telephone keypad.
> Even with the advances in hand held devices and telephones, there are many
> times where it just does not make sense to look down at a screen.
> brings
> information and fun to you via your cell phone and headset, all hands-free
> and eyes-free. For example, you're bouncing down the road on the number 52
> bus.
> It's impossible to read or use your PDA. You have no one else to talk to
> your cell. Why not call ifbyphone? You can listen to any new Email, check
> out
> the news or sports and then play a game or participate in an adventure.
> Many competing services require that you purchase an expensive cell phone
> with special and expensive data communications capabilities. Not
> With
> ifbyphone you can use any cell phone, including the free phone provided
> you signed up for a cellular service. What's more, with ifbyphone there is
> no need to sign up for an expensive cell phone data service, since
> uses voice for all communications.
> When reading your favorite book, have you often wondered what it would be
> like to participate in the story, to play the role of one of the
> At
> ifbyphone you can. We have merged the exciting world of Interactive
> with the latest in voice recognition and text to speech technology to
> you to participate in hundreds of stories over your telephone.
> Imagine combining the best of radio drama with the interactivity of
> and console games. It's been done by ifbyphone.
> Want to track a special area of interest for fun or business? With
> ifbyphone, you can! Simply configure automatic news searches and listen to
> the results
> on your way to work. Then have ifbyphone Email the most interesting
> to your desk at the office.
> Have an RSS feed you would like to read, but lack the time? With
> you can! Just list the RSS feed in your profile and listen to it anyplace,
> anytime.
> Interested in following a blog but find you don't have time? Now you do.
> Just listen to it on ifbyphone.
> Tired of listening to music or watching television while you exercise?
> ifbyphone, you can play an interactive game while running on the
> Just think how much faster those pounds will fall away!
> FOR A TOLL FREE DEMONSTRATION CALL 1-866-350-9836. Two minute
> calls are completely free. No credit card required. The program is in beta
> testing,
> and all accounts were free as of the time this article was written.
> Click this link to visit the ifbyphone website to sign up for the If By
> Phone service: http://www.ifbyphone.com.
> Michael McCarty
> NOTE:  I stayed on for a while and it is awesome!  Nothing stated about
> payment.  Try it!  Beth

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