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I saw my first Optacon in 1976 and from the moment I saw it I wanted it.  I
have wanted lots of products but the two that caused me the most excitement
were the Optacon and the Braille Note.  I now have a Book Port too which is
exciting if for no other reason that it is so easy to take with me, or carry
in my pocket while I do other things like cook dinner, do laundry, and such
but those two pieces of equipment were the ones that opened the most doors
for me.  

Rose Combs

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I went to the Orientation Center in 1969 and for the most part, enjoyed my 
time there; too bad the optacon was only in its beginning stages then. I 
knew someone in college who was involved in testing it; he showed it to me 
in early 1970 and I was impressed with it, but wasn't sure I really wanted 
one until a few years later.


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