[bct] Re: T-shaped mikes, and a little frustration

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Good ideas, Jenny.


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i think this would be a great idea.  I am a new comer to the list, and
sure i myself have asked questions that have already been covered here.
instance, i think the first question every new audio enthusiast  is
going to 
want to know is, what mp3 player/recorder should i get.  And ofcourse, I

asked this too.  And the second is of course going to concern
It would be great if there were an archive for the list, but I think
said that wasn't doable, not for sure on that.  But the FAQ section
really be a great place to cover it.  Perhaps Larry could ask long time 
members for input here about what should be included as they, like Mary,

will know what they have been asked over and over.  i think information 
about favorite recorders, microphones, and audio editing and terminology

wouldbe a great place to start.  this is already covered to an extent,
but I 
think could be expanded so that new comers could really get a feel for 
things so they do not have to have the same discussions over and over on
list.  the list is already fairly high trafic, and this might help.  By
way, I want to thank all of you who have answered my questions even if
have been covered before.

just my thoughts,
Jenny Axler

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> Mary and all,
>    Perhaps the FAQ section on BCT should be expanded to include often
> asked repeats that show up here.  Over time, the repeat questions
could be 
> answered their and a person could be directed there.  What do you
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> Jeff
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> Subject: [bct] T-shaped mikes, and a little frustration
>> Any small T-shaped mic from Sound Professionals would work well, but 
>> my
>> favorite came from Amazon.com; it's adaptable because, as I have
>> many times on this list and in podcasts, you can use it with a cable
>> without a cable; attached to you or not attached.
>> One more time, and I hope this is the last time, the model number is 
>> the
>> Sony ECM-DS70P
>> Now a bit of frustration on my part. Maybe I need a break from this 
>> list
>> for a while. I don't know if anybody else gets this feeling, but I
>> feel as if I say the same things over and over and over and over and 
>> nobody listens.
>> Mary

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