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  • Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 07:02:40 -0600

Hey hey Paula:
I am Dana and I love music so please forgive my little salutation funny. Welcome, please consider simply plugging your recorder into your line input on your sound card and creating an MP3 file named by you to share with us some of your countries surrounding sounds. I am so glad you posted to our list and thank you for acknowledging me in your message. While you may not have good GPS. capability available we have a different problem here, it's just to expensive to really be practical for all of us who need and would love to have this great guidance system. Hope to hear you again soon via this, the coolest list on the internet. Love to hear your voice so if you can, use my comments line at:
(206) 350-6849

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Hi Adam and list.

Yes you are right. We don't have any maps here in New Zealand either which is most infuriating. I believe I could get the GPS unit to attach to the BrailleNote and add my own points of interest, but I really want to wait until the basic maps are available first.

Oh by the way I joined the list about a week ago after listening to some podcasts. I feel like I know people like Larry, Dana, Lynette and Adam already and that's wierd since none of you even know I exist. I'm Paula from New Zealand by the way. I have always done my equivalent of sound seeing tours when I travel overseas, and have been an avid taper from way back. I've not got into producing digital recordings yet but am learning heaps from the list. I do have an Iriver T30 which I was hoping to use for the purpose but as you know, it's not very user-friendly at all. In fact I find it so frustrating that visually all the menus and everything are right there and yet without a sighted person sitting beside me I am quite lost when it comes to trying to record on the thing. I love the size and the quality when I do get someone to help me get it started, but I just would love to be able to read those menus. I wish I could somehow attach a little Braille display.

Anyway enough from me. I'm thoroughly enjoying the list and the podcasts learning about people's lives and hearing all the different environments visited. Keep them coming. Hopefully I'll soon have a New Zealand contribution.


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