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  • From: "Adam Morris" <awmorris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 15:58:01 +1100

you guys in the us are very lucky, smile.

Here in Australia the only thing that works for gps is the packmate.
the braillenote series can't get maps for Australia since the company they go 
through can't get them.
Apparently the company Freedom science fiction go through won't sell to a 
second company.
No maps for trecker either.

If you are sighted there are myriads of gps devices you can buy.

I know there are ipacks which can use gps but speech hasn't been developed 
sufficiently with them with mobile speak etc to run them.

New Zealand (where the braillenotes are made I think) is in the same situation.

Adam Morris

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Oh, yeah, the Trekker is really the cat's whiskers, that's for sure!  
I'd love to have one (or else a Braillenote and the Braille GPS-- 
either one, really!) I got to play with Trekker for a few days when  
my friend bought it and asked me to teach him to use it. As much as I  
like to travel (and get lost!), Trekker would be tons of fun! 

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