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Sorry folks I replied to Dana's message without changing the subject to
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The Trekker sold by Humanware is a hand held PDA and now has  wireless
GPS connections plus an optional wireless braille or folding qwerty
keyboard.  The price is $1600 pllus shipping and handling.
Hope this helps.
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Hi Chris and Marla:
I really enjoyed the latest submission from you folks.  Did it end
before you got to dinner?  Mine ended in the cab after the doctors
office.  I am not always sure where people end there entries because
they don't sign off or say goodbye.  Where do you folks live exactly?  I
couldn't figure out if you are in Michigan or Wisconsin, probably
neither, lol!  Those binaural mics work pretty well.  Whose GPS. do you
guys like?  I want a Trekker but no way right now.  I heard that there
is another one out now that has no wires, do you know anything on this?
I could almost count the money the teller gave you, really cool.  Marla
reminds me so much of my own wife.  When we are standing somewhere,
waiting for transportation or anything else, she never stands still,
lol!  Thanks for sharing!

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