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  • Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2005 13:48:46 -0500

MessageWow, thanksRose. What a cool service!
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  I thought I'd offer a service for anyone interested.  I can now do 
transcripts of show segments if anyone needs them, career casts, instructions, 
and such.  At this point I'd hope not to be asked to do huge files, but for 
those who might want some things under their fingers or a written file, I could 
get you a transcript, however, one thing, editing is so automatic that I don't 
even think about it, I would not provide all the pauses, all the Ah's etc..  It 
would probably be a pretty clean copy.  I tried this with my own career cast , 
or a portion of it and made some changes to the wording on the fly, as I said, 
it is so automatic that I don't know if I could not do that.  

  So, if you want instructions for a product, and feel that a written file 
could help, let me know.  

  One more thing, I would only be available most of the time anyway Friday 
through Sunday.  I work ten plus hour days and am not willing to spend time 
transcribing anything but the most cursory things in the evenings.  

  Rose Combs

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