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Oy! neal!
Any chance of part 2 of that microphone placement podcast coming? I tell ya, some of those recordings are briliant.
Oh, and as well, from one moddel railroader to another, more recordings of your trains would be welcome.
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Now, there is a real peace maker.  And, I am not just saying that
because he complimented my voice.  There are indeed a lot of wonderful
people on this list.  He's right though, it's time I did a new podcast.
I will be doing one on the new milestone recorder when I get mine and I
will also be getting an Edirol recorder and will be doing a podcast with
that as well.  But I promised more on the Kurzweil.  It's just hard to
know where to start.  It is such a mighty and complicated beast that
it's hard to know whether to first bite off its head or some other part
of it to help people understand what it is like.  What I may do is to
write an email about the menu structure and save the podcast for the
sounds of my actually tracking songs and some time to play some more of
my music.  I'll see if I can get to that soon.

By the way, I have no problem with people discussing what they want as
long as they do it with respect.  I think I have felt that this has
sometimes been lacking in some recent posts.  If you are not able to say
something like, "I see your point," then perhaps you should find a list
that has people who think like you do.  A little respect for the
thoughts and feelings of others goes a long way.  I would also encourage
you to take Dan's suggestion and join his list if you want to take some
of these discussions to their full extent.  I may join as well, because
in doing so, I will know that such discussions are the reason the list
was created in the first place.


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Bravo, Dan!!! Well said!!! I have never found a list quite like this one, and I absolutely agree that all the discussion, regardless of topic, is very stimulating to the mind and the heart. It's a wonderful place to be who you are and to stand firm on what you believe. Plus, with all the chocolate going around, tastes good and smells good, too!!! Heavens, and if we can all get Neal Ewers to do just one podcast for us, we'll be alright. His voice is just totally cool by default, and I can only wish I had a voice like that!!! He's got it, that's for sure!!! Also, Mary has become quite the gal, what with all her Braille pictures and her presentations of the Olympus recordings. You never know what Lynnette and Maria will come up with next, and Chris G keeps us all waiting for the next gadget!!! Can you find a list that is more diverse, yet more cohesive? Let me know if you can, and I urge everyone to stay on and enjoy the wonderful fellowship that this list has!!! Thanks for reading this one.

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