[bct] Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, May 11, 2006

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I thought anyone who didn't know about this might like to subscribe to it - several topics are relevant to our discussions here.

I won't forward future editions, and suggest you get your free subscription.


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Top Tech tidbits for Thursday, May 11, 2006

1)  If you use an Optacon, you may not know that it is still possible
to get Optacons repaired.  If you have need for a repair, send e-mail to
and describe your situation including your geographic whereabouts, so
that you can be referred to the most appropriate repair situation.

2) Mp3 Clip is a program designed to split and join mp3 files and to
digitize analog recordings.  the full version used to cost money; now
it is freeware.

3)  If you live in the UK, you can listen to a book-reading radio
station called Oneword:

4)  Jamal Mazrui has upgraded his text and programming editor
Textpal, fixing bugs and adding features.

5)  Here is a web site for blind radio enthusiasts:

6)  Here is an article describing the transition of a Cold War
technology laboratory into a lab seeking ways to make everybody items
accessible to the disabled:

7)  Here is a web site devoted to accessing the popular Firefox browser:

8) For years, US citizens have been able to access braille books and
magazines electronically through the National Library Service for the
Blind's Web Braille service.  Now, NLS has abruptly discontinued the
service for an unannounced length of time.  One librarian has
recommended that those who are concerned about this situation should
address e-mail to Judith dixon
and NLS director Frank Kurt Cylke,

9)  Here is an article about Future Web Access and Current Problems:

10)  WhereCreativitySoars is a mailing list where blind writers can
share their creative writing and receive comments from others.  to
join, send a blank message to

11)  Another new mailing list is the Secondhand-zone, for buying,
selling and trading used equipment.  For information, go to the web site:

12)  Assistive Technology Center has made a video demo of their
AdvantEdge Reader.  to receive this demo as an mp3 video file, e-mail

13)  this page contains a large number of easily-accessible links to
freeware programs

14)  This article about the Webbie! awards comes from AbilityMaine:

15)  You can listen to several presentations from this January's ATIA
conference at no charge, and to all available presentations for $49.00

16)  Accessibility reviews of MonkeyTerm version Unknown and APH
Talking Clock version Unknown have been added to the AccessWatch database

We end with three technology-related job announcements:

17)  California's Sensory Access Foundation is seeking an Access
Technology Specialist.  e-mail Maria King

18)  University of Denver is seeking an Assistive Technology Specialist:

19)  London's Brunel University is hiring an Assistive Technology Advisor.

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