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I second the motion Jamie.  I especially liked the audio games from L Works.
In fact, I am totally hooked on Super shot, and The Great Toy Robbery.
Squeak squeak squeak!!  Those games are winners!!! Aloha, Lance 

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I for one, would like to hear any podcasts on games, the ones we've had so 
far have been excellent, and I would like to hear more about other games as 
Sincerely, Jamie D.
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> Hello all
>  I noticed that so far, nobody has produced an audio review of Top Speed 
> 2, the audio racing game for Blind Cool Tech. If there's any interest in 
> this, I'd be happy to produce a review of it.
> I'd especially like to focus on the feature that lets you play online 
> against other players.
> If anyone's interested, you can let me know via the list or privately.
> and if there's already been a review produced of the game but hasn't made 
> it to the podcast yet, I'll gladly step back and look forward to hearing 
> it.
> Thanks.

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