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Hi all,

There is a collection (I got it on four tapes) of Tolkien reading parts of his 
books, and singing and reciting some of the poetry; one tape, the final one in 
the set, is Christopher Tolkien reading from the Silmarillion. I hope it's 
still available; I plan to copy it to CD in a day or two. Have put it off for a 
long time and now is the time to do it. I got it from audiobooks.com.

I'll be doing a podcast on C. S. Lewis's books, both the Narnia series and the 
space trilogy. I have them on tape, also from audiobooks.com. Lewis, Tolkien 
and a few others gathered regularly to read and critique their work as it was 
being written; they were called the Inklings. They broke up after Tolkien and 
Lewis had a parting of the ways, but it must have been a remarkable experience 
to be part of the creation of such great literature. 

NLS has the Tolkien books on web braille and they are worth getting if you're a 
braille reader; you can see the proper spelling of words; I referred to them 
when I first got the films on DVD. I wish they'd braille the Lewis books; they 
did the Narnia books and those are out on web braille; I downloaded Out of the 
Silent Planet from Bookshare. I have the three books in the space trilogy in 
print and intend to scan them some time; not sure when though. The three books 
Out of the Silent Planet
That Hideous Strength


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