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Screen readers and AMD processors work just fine together.  I have had
several AMD based machines in the past with no problems.  Regarding sound,
my preference would be to use a dedicated dual channel sound card, but I
certainly have used integrated sound chips in the past and they have worked
well, and the newer sound chips keep getting better and better.  As a matter
of fact, I have a new Sony machine that has what they refer to high
definition audio built-in, and it is so good that I still haven't gotten
around to installing my SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS.  I am sure you can get
away with using your new machine's built-in audio until you can afford to
install a dedicated sound card.

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--Rick Alfaro

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Hey everyone,
I have a question for all who really know things about computers and
assistive technology:
I'm about to buy a second computer for my tiny little home network and am
sorta wondering can i use a computer with an AMD processor in it with screen
readers such as Hal? I think i heard some years back that Amd processors and
screen readers didn't work that well together, now i don't know about that
so before i buy a rather cheap computer that doesn't work with screen
readers i wonder if they will work with other processors than the Intel
ones. Also, should i stay away from built-in sound cards, video cards etc?
Some advice would be appreciated here.
Thanks a lot.

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