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Oops I got stuck on the AMD tick, but built-in devices make a machine cheep, 
thus usefull if you need something quick, dirty and functional.
If you can find a motherboard with built-in graphics that doesn't take from 
your existing system memmory to function the way some laptops do, 
definitely go for it.  It's one less PCIE or AGP card to worry about and 
less money to spend.
Onboard sound, lan, go for as well if you like.  The one thing about doing 
that of course, is the driver CD's will come with the motherboard and you 
won't have to go online to windows update or wherever, to find the correct 
This machine I run now with the AMd in it, I use a pci sound card for speech 
and windows sounds only.  When it comes to recording and playing back, I 
have an audigy 2 platinum for, and recording goes out to a dedicated USB 
card.  The onboard sound card is a dedicated VOIP card, so it manages 
teamtalk, ventrilo, skype, voipbuster and anything else related to chatting 
I used to use it for speech, but then I rearranged my mixer one day after 
getting extremely bored, and added another sound card so I could have more 

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| Greetings Krister.
| I know several blind individuals who use AMD Athlon-based computers with
| screen readers, and they've never had any issues.
| I've never had any difficulties with built-in graphics and sound
| technologies. However, If you wish to free up system memory, built-in
| devices are not for you.
| Best to get a computer with a fairly cheap graphics but dedicated card
| and a good sound card.
| Kai
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| Hey everyone,
| I have a question for all who really know things about computers and
| assistive technology:
| I'm about to buy a second computer for my tiny little home network and
| am sorta wondering can i use a computer with an AMD processor in it with
| screen readers such as Hal? I think i heard some years back that Amd
| processors and screen readers didn't work that well together, now i
| don't know about that so before i buy a rather cheap computer that
| doesn't work with screen readers i wonder if they will work with other
| processors than the Intel ones. Also, should i stay away from built-in
| sound cards, video cards etc?
| Some advice would be appreciated here.
| Thanks a lot.
| -- 
| /Krister

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