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Hi there.  I run an Athlon xp 3000+ with supernova v 6.53 just fine.
That is of course, hal with the mag add-on.  now I don't need it, but it's 
what they provided, so I'm not gonna complain, but that old rumor about AMD 
and screen-readers is utter rubbish.  I've used an AMD since 2001 with 
versions of hal and supernova going back to v4.5 under dare I say it, 
Windows M.E, or as I prefer, Windows empty, and now running xp professional.
Back then it was an AMD k6 2 450 mhz, then when I got bolder, an athlon xp 
1700+, an xp 2000+, a 2600+, now the 3000+ which I run today.
I hope this helps a little.
Put to rest your fears about AMD, totally unfounded.

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| Hey everyone,
| I have a question for all who really know things about computers and
| assistive technology:
| I'm about to buy a second computer for my tiny little home network and
| am sorta wondering can i use a computer with an AMD processor in it with
| screen readers such as Hal? I think i heard some years back that Amd
| processors and screen readers didn't work that well together, now i
| don't know about that so before i buy a rather cheap computer that
| doesn't work with screen readers i wonder if they will work with other
| processors than the Intel ones. Also, should i stay away from built-in
| sound cards, video cards etc?
| Some advice would be appreciated here.
| Thanks a lot.
| -- 
| /Krister

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