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Rick, I agree with you completely. This is a concept many people don't understand. The policy of appeasement and running away didn't stop Hitler, and it won't stop this guy either. Hitler became more powerful as fear grew and people tried to hide. He could have been beaten much earlier if people had stood their ground in 1938. So for me, it's time to hold firm and try to find the best way to bring the troublemaker down legally and for good. If we don't, he will eventually branch out to other lists and become harder to beat as he learns from his experiences. We've got something worth protecting here, and several good people have already been hurt by this. I'm not willing to sit idly by just because I wasn't spoofed and didn't deal with Eloquence crashing. If we stand shoulder to shoulder and work together, we can reclaim our online home.

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I am grateful for the new site too, but I for one will remain here and will
not be run out by some punk that thinks he or she can bully us and make us
run away.  I hope many of our fellow BCTers will remain here as well to show
this fool that we're not cowards and won't run and hide everytime they want
to bully us.



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Some of us are3 on both lists; and yes, that was a great podcast on the
minidisc recorder.
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