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well? Jokerdog, is the guy that has written the accessible games for the
blind. his name is Daniel, not Robert.
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> Well, if people know his real name, why not publish who joker dog is so we
> can report him properly.  Is it a matter of proof?
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> Hi, thanks very much for the offer.
> I think, however, what we all need to do first is correct the speech
> crashing issue on our machines.  This is absurd that we are exposed to
> a volnerability at all.  I have temporarily switched my Window-eyes to the
> DecTalk access32 engine and while I don't like it quite as well, at least
> know it is free from this flaw.
> Next, I would contact your speech manufacturer and ask them if there is an
> update to the Eloquence they are using and get on the list to get that
> update if you're going to continue to use Eloquence.
> The only real way to stop this kind of thing is to go to a full moderated
> list where someone has to approve each message.  I really have been
> to move toward a more open list, but maybe I  am having second thoughts
> about going quite that far any more.  In any case, I don't a moderated
> is an option for the long haul.  There are simply too many messages in
> list, and part of the appeal to the list is the response times and the
> nature of it.  We may have to switch to moderated for a while until things
> calm down, but we must all face it.  There are people like this everywhere
> that can disrupt your day if they make an effort to do so pretty well no
> matter what you do.
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> Hello all,
> I'm sorry to see all the crap this guy has been sending to the list.
> I want to offer a suggestion to everyone here, and maybe Larry can let
> us know what he thinks as well, as he is the list moderator.  I have
> recently opened a new web site for the blind called luv2bablyndi.net.
> It is a place for blind and visually impaired folks to hang out and
> just spend their free time.  Some of the things I offer are blogs,
> quizzes, a web site directory of blindness-related web sites,
> articles, forums, and more.  I am willing to help host the list on my
> e-mail servers here on my domain, and I am willing to help moderate
> the list if you need another moderator to approve messages and such.
> The mail server I use has a lot of security features, so hopefully we
> can stop this idiot from sending garbage to the list.  If you think
> this idea is good, and if Larry wants to do it, then you can let me
> know and I'll have the list setup by tonight and I can send
> instructions to Larry on how to administor the list and instructions
> to anyone else who wants them on how to subscribe, etc.  Let me know
> what y'all think.  By the way, I will be doing a podcast soon on my
> new web site as well, so look out over the next few days for it on the
> BCT site.
> Thanks,
> Chetan
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