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Dear Neal,

The seemingly unnecessary characters in a URL simply indicate that it is dynamically generated (usually through a blogging engine or otherwise a content management system) rather than manually created by a real human.

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Joni, very interesting.  It makes one wonder what all those unnecessary
letters and numbers in an url are for.  Thanks for the find.


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Yesterday Neal posted a long URL for a site with the specs on an Olympus

recorder.  I thought I would share this site because I have found it
when posting long URLs.


You can enter a long URL into an edit field and it will create a shorter

version so that it won't break up into multiple lines in an email.  You
apparently add this tool to your tool bar in I E but I can't figure out
to do that.

Here is what it did to Neal's link:

TinyURL was created!

The following URL:



has a length of 88 characters and resulted in the following TinyURL
has a length of 24 characters:


I have also heard of something called SnipURL but have never looked for that website.


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