[bct] Re: Thumb keyboards?

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  • Date: Sat, 6 May 2006 02:12:14 -0400

I use my index fingers on phones and on the small keyboards where you can't 
place both hands on to type.



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I'm listening to Robert Carter's SmallTalk podcast. He mentioned that 
sighted people would use a thumb to operate a
keyboard like the one on the SmallTalk. And of course, we know that people 
use their thumbs to enter text mesages
with phones, etc. He went on to say that he used his fingers on this 
keyboard. I use my fingers on my cell phone, too. I
just can't make myself even try to use my thumb. I think this is because for 
me, using my fingers (especially my index
fingers) is akin to looking at something. So I'd have just as much trouble 
giving that up as a sighted person would have
about not looking at the display. Also, precisely because I don't need to 
look at the display, I can angle the phone
differently. I can see how using the thumb would make sense if you had to 
look at a phone's screen.

So, I'm curious to know: How do others use keyboards like this? Do a lot of 
blind guys do it the way I do? Is it different if
you're a braille reader? Or am I the only one who hasn't caught on to 
thumbing? <grin>


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