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I understand about the second cup of coffee, but I usually am about to start my 
third by 7:00AM, seeing as I ushave my first cup with breakfast at 5:00AM and a 
second when I get to work around 6:00AM.

I'm going to save your message and see if I can contact you thru Skype and 
learn a bit more about it  from someone who has been using it for awhile.  Hope 
you don't mind.

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Hi David,
I've been using Skype for almost a year now and talk with people all over
the world.
I'm not a professional trainer, but I've been helping my friends if they
have a problem with their computers.  It's really cool to be able to help a
woman from france to straighten out her outlook express rules before I've
even had breakfast.  One thing to watch out for though is that not everybody
keeps time zones in mind.  Some europeans forget that I am 7 hours behind
UTC, so even though it's the middle of the afternoon to them, it's 7:00am
where I am, and I don't function too well before I've had that second cup of
coffee. <grin>

Bruce Alan Mattison
mailto: mattison@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Speaking of cool!  

I just got my first taste of using Skype this past weekend.  Talk about
something cool.  

Is anyone on this list using Skype, and how long have you been using it.  It
looks like it could really be a great way for a trainer to do computer
training over the internet.

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