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All I am saying is, it sure would have been nice if they were to have rolled
out this change on the same day, now, that would have been a huge statement
and I would be dancing in the aisles.  It is just funny that Google goes out
of there way to the press to promise solutions and then never come through.
If you see this as cursing, well, so be it <grin>.

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There is an alt tag (excuse me if I am using the incorrect language because 
I am not into web development) that announces the graphical representation 
of the word google so a screen reader can read it.  Just trying to share a 
little enthusiasm for the recognition of Louis Braille's birthday.  Sorry to

cause everyone to be grouchy.  I want to see graphical verification dealt 
with as much as anyone else.  You are entitled to your viewpoint and I am 
having such a difficult week at work myself that I just enjoyed the little 
diversion.  It was a little candle flicker, but, if you would rather curse 
the darkness ...

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Forgive me for being a bit of a grouch here but what is the point of a 
graphic of a braille message?  A meaningless gesture if you ask me.  Not 
that anybody ever does.

Happy New Year everybody.

>>> lynnette_tatum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 01/04/06 06:31pm >>>
Wow!  That really is cool!

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> If you are reading this on January 4, check out google.  I love it!
> Joni

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