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  • From: "Graham Lewis" <Graham.Lewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 01 Nov 2005 13:12:35 +0000

I like the intros, particularly the really cheesey ones.  I vote you use a lot 
of different ones Larry.

I am amazed how musical you guys are.  A lot of guitarists out here which 
encourages me as I have been planning to learn to play but wondering where to 
start or even if it is ossible without being able to see music.  Listening to 
you guys has encouraged me look into getting some lessons. Any tips on learning 
to play when you are blind would be appreciated.   Mary's song is still running 
through my head.

Neal Ewers recordings are really interesting even though I am not likely to buy 
devices at that end of the proce range, it is good to see what there is.  I 
would love to hear a career cast from you Neal!

Wow Larry that was scary stuff at the Halloween theme park.  As far as I know 
we don;t have anything like that over here in the UK.  Perhaps its just as well 
as I am not that brave.  I had it playing on the pseakers in my office but I 
did close the door.  Also I have nenver seen the decorating of hoouse fronts 
that you lookeed at in an earlier cast.  We have people decorating their houses 
with giant illuminated Santas at Christmas time but this sounds more fun.

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