[bct] The talent show was mary's idea

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Thanks Mary.  And after all, the whole thing was your idea.  thanks for
getting us started.  And you're right.  It was nice to be able to put a
face to a voice.  Oh dear, I didn't really say that, did I.  I must have
gotten into Dan's scotch.

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Hi all,
I suppose people have already commented on this; I am late with e-mail
today and probably will be for the next few days, due to a rather large
project of converting video files to MP3 files which is taking a lot of
time. But, I did want to thank Neal for a wonderful job with the talent
show, and thanks to all the incredibly talented people involved with
BCT! I haven't got a clue who the mystery guest is, but it sounded to me
like those were bongo drums. I haven't read any e-mail yet, but since I
read it as it was written, maybe somebody has already solved the
mystery. The drumming sounded very Caribean or African to me, and maybe
even a bit like the south Pacific, but since I don't know a lot about
that type of music, my guess is probably wrong. In fact, the talent show
is a great way to hear music that's different from what we usually hear;
the poetry was great, and I could really relate to the Rubik's cube
poem; I might still have one around here. Megan's poetry was lovely, and
Kai's was so incredible with all the sounds, and I know there were other
poems which I am definitely forgetting. Cindy, your song reminds me of
music my church used to sing. Hope, I am glad you chose the song you
did, with all those lovely nature sounds. The jazz was remarkable
because of its diversity and variety; Lynnette, you and Maria were
wonderful and your voices blend so well, and I really enjoyed the song.
I know I've forgotten somebody, and I don't intend to leave anyone out;
let me just say the talent was terrific and all the intros helped put
voices to the e-mails we read every day. Thanks to all the talented
people who made the show such an incredible experience to listen to!
Mary Emerson
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