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Oh, but I keep checking. It's right around the corner, I can just feel


On Mon, 8 May 2006 16:26:46 -0500, you wrote:

>Pam, I know what you were really thinking.  Two podcasts from me in Two
>days and still no model trains.  Busted again.
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>I had been wondering about the DM-20. I was thinking that it was
>identical to the ds-2 only with double the memory. I guess not then,
>since that would be newer than the ds-2. Does anybody know which one is
>identical to the ds-2 then with 128 mb of memory?
>I thought as far as the built-in mics go, the Ws320M sounded better than
>the one on the DS-2. But I agree, with external mics, the ds-2 sounds
>better than the ws320M. I notice more of that swirley sound when
>external mics are used with the WS320M, which is probably due to the
>fact that it is recorded at 64 kbps instead of 128. I think if they
>brought the WS320M up to 96 kbps recording, it would be exactly what I'm
>looking for.
>Thanks for the comparisons.

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