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Hi Neal,
This is a shock and yet, a shock of good news for you as well.  I'm sorry to
lose you as moderator but pleased that your business is taking off.
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Hi all, I sent an email to Larry this morning telling him that my consulting
and other work related things have really taken off and that I would no
longer have the time to be the moderator of this list.  I do not have the
time to read each message and this is what I think any moderator should
commit to doing in order to do the job well.  So, I have, as of this
writing, resigned my post as moderator.  Larry just didn't pay me enough.
Actually, if Larry's support were money, I would be a very rich man.  I
suspect that, sometime in the near future, I may have to even leave the
list.  For me it is a good thing to be busy consulting in so many widely
diverse areas.  But I will miss the list and I have gotten to know some very
nice people here.  Of course, I will still be submitting podcasts.  After
all, I have to convince Larry to buy those model trains, and Pam won't get
off my case until I do the podcast.  So, you will be hearing from me at
times, just not in an official capacity and not nearly as frequently.
Thank you all for putting up with me looking over your shoulders and trying
to keep us out of trouble.  As I said in an earlier message, with a few
exceptions, it was not a hard job to do.  We have some wonderful people on
this list, and I hope you will continue to relate to each other in an open,
honest, and calm manner.
See you in my next podcast.

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