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Hello all,
The following is a message which I received back in October of 05.  I thought 
it might be of interest to someone, but if it isn't, just delete.
Maria R.

        Subject:        Free training in hospitality through the National 
Statler Center
This is an announcement for upcoming training at the Statler Center in Buffalo. 
 It is a 13 week intensive training program in Buffalo, New York for people
who would like to enter the hotel and hospitality industry.  Tuition is fully 
covered and some assistance is available for living expenses.  They place
people all over the country once training is completed.  What follows is a 
basic summary followed by some more extensive program information...
Summary of program requirements:
List of 7 items
. FREE 13-week Training Program in Hospitality Service begins January 9. The 
program is fully funded by local and national foundations.
. Students must have a high school diploma or GED.
. Students must type approximately 20 words per minute.
. Computer knowledge is not necessary.
. When you learn hospitality, you can get a job anywhere in the world!
. We have placed 87% of our graduates; some in hotels such as Starwood, Hyatt, 
Holiday Inn, Marriott, as well as at Radio City Music Hall and more.
. The wages are competitive and the graduates are very happy with the outcome 
of their training.
The National Statler Center for Careers in Hospitality Service was conceived to 
pair the work potential of the visually impaired population as well as persons
with other physical disabilities to potential job opportunities in the 
hospitality industry. The Center aims to prepare disabled individuals for 
careers by providing them with an overview of the industry as well as job 
specific knowledge. Graduates of our one-of-a-kind program will be 
equipped with a thorough knowledge of industry standards, and ready for 
successful, long-term careers. Potential employers may be hotels, convention 
travel agents, restaurants, etc. There is no cost to attend this training 
program and the job placement rate of graduates is approximately 87%!
The National Statler Center for Careers in Hospitality Service is a new concept 
in hospitality employment training.  The first project of its kind, the
Statler Center provides blind, visually impaired, or disabled individuals with 
the right tools for successful careers in this rapidly growing industry.
 Graduates of our comprehensive program are computer-literate and job-ready, 
equipped with a thorough knowledge of industry standards.  Hotel operations.
 Food service.  Tourism.  Communications.
Serving an Industry...
The hospitality industry is experiencing one of its most dramatic growth 
periods in history.  Currently employing ten million individuals, the industry
is expected to expand to more than 12.4 million jobs by the year 2005.
The Statler Center matches this optimistic job forecast with a working force 
that is capable, motivated, and disproportionately unemployed.  As a division
of the Elizabeth Pierce Olmsted, M.D. Center for the Visually Impaired in 
Buffalo, New York, the Statler Center provides in-depth skills training and 
services to working-age adults who are sight-impaired or physically disabled 
and interested in pursuing permanent employment in the hospitality industry
The Statler Center's curriculum was developed in partnership with Johnson & 
Wales University, one of the premier learning institutions in the filed of 
service.  Students of the Sattler Center receive expert, specialized 
instruction in a wide variety of hospitality service areas, such as hotel 
procedures, reservation services, night-auditor operations, and hospitality 
marketing.  Students also receive meaningful work experience in the field of
their choice.  And job-readiness training helps them become-and 
remain-productive, valued employees.
Serving a Community...
As recently as two decades ago, competitive job options for the blind and 
visually impaired were virtually non-existent.  Current advances in modern 
have helped to open today a world of possibilities never before dreamed.
The Statler Center offers blind, visually impaired, and physically handicapped 
adults an exciting opportunity for job training and placement in one of the
largest industries worldwide.  The Statler Center features:
·         A comprehensive curriculum specially adapted to meet the needs of 
persons with disabilities,
·         Qualified, professional staff specially trained in working with the 
visually impaired,
·         Access to state-of-the-art computers and industry-specific software,
·         A modernized, well-equipped facility,
·         Hands-on work experience in the student's field of choice,
·         Follow-up advisement after a student has secured employment in the 
field to help ensure his or her long-term success.
Classes in our 13-week program run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through 
Friday.  Fridays are "workshop days," when students can receive personal 
in a variety of job-readiness topics such as resume writing, public speaking, 
and dressing for success.
There is no cost to participate in the program.  High school or equivalency 
graduates who are visually impaired or physically handicapped may be eligible
for enrollment.
Serving a Purpose...
Innovative answers to the challenges that a vision impairment can present is 
what the Elizabeth Pierce Olmsted, M.D. Center for the Visually Impaired is
about.  And the National Statler Center for Careers in Hospitality Service is 
just one of the agency's many programs and services that help people with
impaired sight lead independent, productive lives.
Since its inception in 1907, the Elizabeth Pierce Olmsted, M.D. Center for the 
Visually Impaired (formerly the Blind Association of Western New York) has
been a leader in quality services for the blind and visually impaired.  
Rehabilitation training, low-vision optometry services, employment assistance,
housing, a unique resource center, and a special preschool program are just the 
The Center is proud to announce that we have just graduated our eighteenth 
class of Statler graduates and to date, students have been hired by hotel 
such as Ritz Carlton, Adam's Mark, Sheraton, Marriott, Holiday Inn, Radisson 
and Hampton Hotels as well as some smaller properties. We have also graduated
students from all over the nation, including but not limited to Hawaii, 
California, Connecticut, Indiana, New Mexico, Missouri, Massachusetts, Michigan,
Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Ohio, New York, and New Jersey!
The Statler Center is located in Buffalo New York. We operate three classes per 
year (January, May, August) and accept twelve people per class. We are fully
funded by local and national foundations; therefore there is no cost to attend 
our training program. Student's that are accepted into the program must
have a high school diploma or GED, type approximately 20 words per minute and 
be fully rehabbed. It is not necessary to know how to use a computer as that
is taught here. It is important that student's can utilize a note-taking 
device. Most importantly, we are looking for motivated folks who are excited 
a career in the hospitality industry as we are!
Currently our job placement rate is approximately 87% and we have placed 
students in many jobs including (but not limited to), reservationist, 
operator, night auditor, rapid response clerk, purchasing agent and human 
resources agent. Our advisory board is comprised with many people from corporate
hotels that are involved in diversity; therefore, they support our program and 
help us with job placement when needed.
Students attend the training program Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm. Our curriculum 
is from Johnson & Wales University, one of the best hospitality universities
in the country and our instructors are from local area universities.
I hope this provides you with a little more information. However, our next 
class begins January 9, 2006, and we are working on filling the remaining number
of seats for that session.
In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions at 
716.882.5690 ext. 232 or you may e-mail me at
Mary Ellen Mest
National Statler Center for Careers in Hospitality Service
1160 Main Street, Buffalo, NY  14209
(716)882-5690 Ext 232
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visit our website at:

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