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  • Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 21:23:01 -0500

Rick, does the blind attic list still exist? Is it specifically for buying
and selling equipment?

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This whole thing sounds very similar to the stuff that happened on the Blind
Attic list when someone tried to pull off a major scam by attempting to sell
all kinds of adaptive gear to folks on the list.  The M.O. was very similar.
He posed as several different people and spoofed email addresses.  He even
had a web site setup to make himself look like he was for real.  He called
his business "MicroSoft Fee Based Services."  This was about a year ago.  He
was using PayPal to collect his funds, so luckily I was able to recover my
$125 dollars, but others were not so lucky.  I believe I still have that
whole thread of messages, including one from someone that really delved in
and actually came up with someone's name.  I believe his first name was
Stan.  At any rate, he was reported to MicroSoft and they were quite
interested since he was using their name as part of his ploy.

As most of these sad and sick people do, he faded away once everyone was on
to him, and stopped giving him the attention he was looking for.  It is the
same mentality of a terrorist.  They do what they do to draw attention and
create havoc.  Once the attention is gone, they loose interest because they
have nothing to gloat about.

--Best regards,

--Rick Alfaro

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I'd look for someone who is angry about something that happened.  Larry, any
nasty messages from anyone recently to you at g mail?
Maybe someone who didn't make it to the talent show or who got their
feelings hurt bigtime on the list?  I don't think this is happening
randomly; I think it is someone who is blind, and feels like we or someone
the list betrayed him.


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