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  • Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 12:21:54 -0500

I'm not sure I'm following you on this one Lynnette.  Recheck what

>>> superlynne@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Monday, November 14, 2005 11:04:56 AM >>>
Unbelievable!  I could have been encoding in mp3 all along.  <sigh>
Thank you for returning a few more dark hairs to my head with regard to
the Windows Media player..

By the way, can you tell me how to recheck the items once I put in a
new CD for burning?

Much appreciated,


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  Wow, what an ordeal just to copy files!  Why can't these people just
let you copy files from Windows Explorer?

  One thing, don't throw out Media Player yet.  You can safely delete
all those wma files then rerip with Media Player, but before you do, go
to Tools/Options and set your encoding as mp3 at whatever quality you
like, 192 kbps sounds very nice..)
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    Subject: [bct] The Ipod is Spared!

    Hi Friends:
    First, I want to thank those of you who wrote in response to my
pole, Smashing The Ipod.  I received a number of good suggestions.  I am
happy to report that after four hours and lots of trial and error with a
sighted friend that my Ipod is spared certain death or donation.

    Formatting the Ipod Shuffle is an easy task accomplished by simply
going to the control panel and selecting my computer.  When you plug the
Ipod into the USB. port Windows detects it and assigns it a drive
letter, in my case the letter is F.  I arrowed down to drive F. and
pressed the applications key.  This brings up a context menu which
contains the format option.  Pressing enter here brings up a message
telling me that all information on drive F. will be lost by formatting. 
Pressing enter again starts the format process which takes a few
seconds.  Now I am ready to begin the task of copying files to my Ipod.

    I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I ripped all my
CD's with Windows Media Player.  I now know what the letters WMA. mean
and yet one more reason why I don't like Windows applications.  Bad
Windows Media Player, selfish Windows Media Player, egotistical Windows
Media Player, wanting a file type all your own!  Tell us how you feel
about the Windows Media Player Dana!  The Ipod Shuffle, the model I have
only likes MP3 files.  Unless or until I figure out a way to convert AA.
and WMA. files to MP3 files I cannot send music ripped with, dare I say
it again, Windows Media Player nor books purchased from Audible to my
Ipod.  I am now reripping all my CD's using Premier CD creator thanks to
Lois who posted about it, I am also uninstalling, here it comes again,
Windows Media Player and all 322 of my previously ripped CD's.

    Now for the software that worked for me to transfer MP3 files to my
Ipod Shuffle.  After a good deal of consideration and experimentation I
decided on Anapod Shuffle.  For some reason I cannot figure out, V-pod
just wouldn't recognize my Ipod Shuffle.

    Upon entering Anapod Shuffle I press the shift tab key.  I am in a
list view much like the start menu.  You must first arrow down to the
Ipod Memory item and press enter.  This allows Anapod to recognize my
device as a formatted Ipod Shuffle for the first time, I do not need to
do this again.  I am then returned to the same list view and I press the
letter M. until I get to the my documents folder.  Pressing the tab key
here takes me to another window that contains the tree view of all items
in the my documents folder.  Pressing the letter M. again, as most of
the elements in this folder begin with the letter M. takes me through
the tree until I get to the sub folder I am interested in copying files
from.  I picked my received pod casts.  Pressing the tab key again takes
me to the list of items in this sub folder.  The free trial version of
Anapod Shuffle does not allow the copying of multiple files.  Using the
down arrow key, I select a file to be copied.  Pressing the applications
key brings up a menu that contains both the copy and paste options. 
Pressing enter on the copy option stashes it in a temporary buffer
somewhere.  I am returned to the tree view again and press the shift tab
key.  I am now back in the folder list view and I press the letter I.
until I get to the Ipod Shuffle memory item on the list.  Pressing the
applications key again brings up the menu containing the paste option
and when I press enter on it, the file is copied to the Ipod Shuffle in
two seconds.  Repeating the steps in this paragraph, except step one, is
the only way to continue copying MP3 files to my Ipod Shuffle until
later today when I buy the Anapod Shuffle program.

    I can't believe that this little thing, no bigger than a Lady
Finger or Nutter Butter cookie really works and has such great sound
through these ear buds.  It also amazes me that given the size of a
single song MP3 file, I will be able to store 200 songs on it as well. 
Finally, a sound at the end of the tunnel!

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