[bct] Re: The 2 .opml files on BTC home do not work

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Hi Rose.

To import files, look in iPodder's file menu. Select the import option then tell it the name of the file to import. That's all there is to it.

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I tried this this morning too and it did not work, but I did down load it before, but I don't know how to get the file imported. I think I asked this question somewhere three weeks ago but then I had a major computer crash--my fault it turns out, and if anyone answered me I never saw the reply and after all the fixing up I had to do while working a full-time job, I don't even remember where I asked for help with importing files.

Instructions for importing files into Ipoder would be most appreciated.

Rose Combs rosecombs@xxxxxxxxx

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Subject: [bct] The 2 .opml files on BTC home do not work

I went to the Blind Cool Tech Home page and found the 2 .opml files - Blind podcasters and Best of the Best. When I select the link and with JAWS just to be sure I do an insert+F7, then press my tab key once, then press my spacebar on the move to. I then do an applications key and chose the save target as option. I get the usual dialog screen but here it says not available or something close to this. I have used the save target as feature many times on other web pages. I also know how to export my .opml file within my iPodder client. So the import should be pretty much the same method. You have to remember where your .opml files are saved on your pc.

Can anyone help?


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