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Slithy, you and Dan are a match made in--well, I was going to say in heaven, 
but I don't know if pagans believe in that.  anyway, I just love your wit.  
Keep it comin'.


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  The last time we had roving cult members come to the door to attempt 
conversion Dan began to lecture them on Paganism.  He talked about the gods, 
the goddesses, the ancient nature of the belief system, the way other religions 
had developed and borrowed from the old religions.  If you have ever read the 
book Centennial, by Mitchner, where he begins at the formation of the universe, 
you have an idea of what these cult members were listening to.  After a time 
the women began to look at their watches.  Tap feet.  Look at each other.  Look 
at their watches.  Look at me.  I just smiled back.  

  Of course, Dan could not see them so he kept on and on and on, like the 
energizer bunny.  You can certainly tell he wanted to be a minister when he 
gets into this mode!  He really is a marveous extemporaneous speaker.

  When they escaped they scurried off and never came back. Nowadays we don't 
have that problem as we live in a gated community and a secure building. 

  Reports have it that some Pagans have answered the door during ritual and 
announced loudly, "The Sacrifices are here!" which generally panic and a 
general retreat.  While tongue in cheek, it is probably not in the best of 
taste to do this.

  I tend to bite my tongue when approached by idiotic but well meaning cult 
members.  The last time I heard from one was when some girl called me and asked 
me if I felt safe on the street at night and I had to stop myself from saying, 
"So long as my lord satan walks with me I fear no one."   Instead I told her 
(gently but firmly) to remove my name from her call list and never to call me 

  Although I rarely wear a pentagram I have determined that the next time I do 
and someone asks me if it is a Star of David (they do not look alike) I am 
going to say that it is a Texaco Star and let them chew than one over. 

  Slithy - singing the old jingle... " you can trust your car to the man who 
wears the star, the man who wears the texaco star"

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