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On my twenty-first birthday some of my college friends all of whom were poor
gave me a package of snowballs for my birthday cake.  My birthday is in July
and they wanted me to forget it was summer in Arizona!  Should have seen us
trying to split them up 
between about ten people.  

Rose Combs

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Dan, I don't recall ever tasting or hearing of Zingers.  I used to like
those Hostess snowballs which were chocolate cake with a coconut-type
frosting.  They were flat on the bottom and round or curved on top, and they
came in pink or white.  Unfortunately, since I contracted diabetes a few
years ago, that sort of thing is off limits; though I must confess that now
and again I sneak a cookie or piece of cake without icing.  In any case, I
prefer zingers from the minds of swinging BCT ers.


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> Maria, you like Zingers?  Weren't they a kind of twinkie with frosting
> back in the seventies?  They will outlast the heat death of the 
> universe.
> Dan

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