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My roommate and I have talking caller ID and so do my parents. My roommate 
still has enough vision to read the display and see who's calling, and he will 
pick up the phone before the caller ID announces who's calling. On the other 
hand, I have to wait for the caller ID. We have gotten a few telemarketing 
calls since we moved in, but it hasn't been really bad.
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  Hello all,

  A while back Lynne and I kept getting these unwanted calls at all hours of 
the day and evening.  We would not take the call, but just let the answering 
machine on the phone pick up the message, and if it was an important call, or 
someone we knew, then we would pick up.  I don't know how these telemarketers 
did this, but the next thing we'd hear would be a busy signal.  This would go 
on until the time on the answering machine ran out.  During the day we were at 
work and didn't hear this nonsense,, but I felt so sorry for the poor cats 
which had to suffer the noise.  So, to make a long story short, I came up with 
the idea of shutting off the phone answering machine and just let the Verizon 
answering service pick up all calls.  Well, those calls have stopped, as 
Verizon's service seems to disconnect them right away.  Problem solved.


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