[bct] Re: Teamtalk: The final solution

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  • Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 21:11:45 -0600

MessageVery curious.  Now, the Texas server appears to have gone from the home 
page of the TeamTalk site.  What's up with that?

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Alright it seems many people have difficulty with teamtalk, and since I own the 
server but haven't had any time at all to reply to this list of late, I thought 
I would clear it up now.
At my website, there are links to a tutorial telling you how to configure 
teamtalk with optimum settings, some of the necessary shortcut keys you will 
need to be able to run the program, I think the jaws scripts link still works 
but don't quote me since I do not use jaws (and never will,) a link to the 
program itself and finally, an XML file that configures teamtalk for use with 
my server (which is the infamous Texas server anyway,) which upon completion, 
will load up, and run teamtalk for you and immediately connect you to the 
The tutorial can be found at:

with luck people will now be able to use teamtalk with no problems whatsoever, 
and should you have any, contact me personally so I can help you.
I have loaded skype so that I can be contacted though I don't like it much.
My skype ID is:

The teamtalk server is almost always active, and the people you will hear after 
you connect will most likely be myself, my girlfriend, and a handful of others 
so don't be put off by this, as I have seen some of you have been before.  
We're just ordinary people, we don't bite and we're not scary.  All you need to 
do is ask for help and you shall get it.

Andre P. Louis

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