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  • Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 05:00:57 -0500

The sound scheme just makes it easier for you to tell when people join and leave a room and when you're keying up or not. There are other sounds for the text chat part of the window and to let you know that you've been disconnected as well.

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Hello there. What exactly does the sound scheme actually enable? On a different note: has anybody ever tried the program speak freely? I have been dying to try it but in mine sure if it is going to be worth the effort to install. If someone could give me a thumbs up one way or another I would greatly and sincerely appreciate it. Thank you again for any help.

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To get Teamtalk go to
and download the program.
Andre has a configuration file, a tutorial, and a sound scheme for it at andrelouis.com and I think the main site also links to some of these but don't quote me.
A few of us on the list use it pretty regularly so I'm sure if anyone runs into problems one of us can help somehow.

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And I think Andre had it running during his space podcast, didn't he? If he did, it's such good quality, I thought someone else was there in the room with them. Haven't tried it yet but when we hear again how to get it, I might.


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