[bct] Re: Teamtalk

  • From: "Chris Gilland" <cknc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 08:34:01 -0700

I have a very weird issue maybe someone could help me with. Once I set up TeamTalk, I installed the service, just fine, however, a couple concerns have come to mind. Firstly, I have my own domaine name: chrisgilland.com

So, it basicly routs to my IP address. I went into the file menu and to the host manager. in the host name I put chris, and then a corse in the host address I put chrisgilland.com

There was a place for a password, so we'll just say I put the password blindcooltech. that isn't the password btw, but I'm using it just as example purpose. So, nhow, my question basicly is, I then tabbed over to conenct, and hit enter. I was then in a tree view at the top root level that said teamtalk server opened. That leads me, finally, to my first question. Is there a way I can rename that so that it'll say something more informative, like Chris's server? I looked in all the options, and even right clicked and found nothing regarding that. F2 doesn't work as that is the command to disconnect. The next thing was the start hosting option. It tells me it cannot connect to a couple port numbers that I don't recall, but none the less, I am not on a firewall, nor have a router so the ports are deffinently not closed. I'm wondering if that is because in the options under the preferences on the client tab, do I have to go in there and change the port numbers for text and sound from 0 to those other numbers.

Lastly, If I create a channel, it then throws me into that channel, but if I leave it, and no one else is in it, then, it seems to go bye bye. Is that normal? God, I'd hope not! I don't wanna have to recreate the channel each time that I need to use it. I also experienced this with passworded channels. and once I left, and tried then to rejoin to see if the password prompt popped up, a corse the channel was no longer there. Considering that when I disconnected also, and then reconnected to chrisgilland.com it didn't ask for a server password or anything, so with that said, shit, does that mean that people could have just as much admin rights as myself and could kick user off, or could create and delete channels? I must say, by the first looks of this program I am not impressed in the very least.

If I'm just ignorantly not understanding things then please clarrify me. I'd love to use it, but at this time, it seems like too much of a security hole.


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