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  • Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 03:58:02 -0700

Hello there. What exactly does the sound scheme actually enable? On a different note: has anybody ever tried the program speak freely? I have been dying to try it but in mine sure if it is going to be worth the effort to install. If someone could give me a thumbs up one way or another I would greatly and sincerely appreciate it. Thank you again for any help.

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To get Teamtalk go to
and download the program.
Andre has a configuration file, a tutorial, and a sound scheme for it at andrelouis.com and I think the main site also links to some of these but don't quote me.
A few of us on the list use it pretty regularly so I'm sure if anyone runs into problems one of us can help somehow.

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Subject: [bct] Teamtalk

And I think Andre had it running during his space podcast, didn't he? If he did, it's such good quality, I thought someone else was there in the room with them. Haven't tried it yet but when we hear again how to get it, I might.


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