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What ever happened to good oal Ventrillo?


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Hi, actually teamtalk, at least the server I visit most, has the user creates channel option, this means, that you and all your peoples could create a channel with a password, and it would be like that till you left, then it would go away.
When you needed it again, all you'd have to do is recreate it, or if you talked to people, you could probably get a static channel.
ON 5/16/2006 at 20:34 Monica Willyard said

Hi. I have heard a lot about Teamtalk lately. While I like the
idea of good sound quality, it seems to have a built-in
drawback. If I'm wrong, please feel free to correct me here. It
seems that because Teamtalk requires use of someone's server, it
lacks the ability to have a private or semi-private conversation
between 2 or 3 people. It seems that if I logged into a Teamtalk
server and started talking to someone nice, that conversation would
be open to anyone else who happens to connect. If someone else
connected to the server who happened to be abusive or just
disruptive to the existing conversation, there seems to be no way to
talk privately or remove the new person from the conversation. With
Skype, I can control who I'm talking to for the most part and can
elect to talk one on one with my friends. Am I understanding this correctly?

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