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  • Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 09:54:21 -0600

yes, you can set your own voice quality, that's what I like about it.
this is an exe file i threw together because people didn't no how to use 
teamtalk correctly.
 when you get teamtalk and then this xml replacement installed, your hotkey is 
scrole lock, and the main server when you hit f8 is the server in texas.
ON 2/24/2006 at 9:51 Maria L said
Teamtalk lets more than one person speak at a time, and you can either set
it to voice activation or hotkey mode for speaking.  There's a lot of other
features in the software, suchh as the ability to send text to the whole
room or individual people, but as a voice chat program, I think it has a
much better quality than Skype.
HTH, Maria

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> So, do you suggest this instead of Skype then for our up coming
> Does one person talk at a time or is it open mics lie Skype is?
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> This service looks easy to set up a password protected room on the team
> server. Set up the aplation and go to the web and click on the teamtalk
> server. Then you can create a password protected channel on there server.
> might make a nice chat room. I was able to install the service and start
> I was able to go to there website and click on their server and create a
> room with in there aplication. This program is accessible and we can use
> to talk.

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