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Hi Jake,
I know how your roommate feels.  You should hear our Talking MetroCard
machine.  There is absolutely no way I could wear headphones with that
monster.  It is, however, a wonderful device, for those who use it. I
suppose they had to make it as loud as possible to compete with the
overwhelming noise of the trains.

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> I've used a couple Bank One/Chase? talking ATM's and I was very impressed.
> The first time when my mom took me to one, we forgot to bring along a
> headset so she had to help me. But then when I moved into this apartment,
> went to a talking ATM with a life-skills instructor and we brought along
> headset I use for my computer. The speech was very clear and very sexy
> The ATM had Braille on it, and the spoken instructions were most helpful.
> The same thing was true of our second visit to a talking ATM. This
> instructor has since taken family leave, but one of these days I'm going
> show my new instructor a talking ATM. My roommate, who is legally blind,
> tells me he was once at a screaming ATM and it almost blew his ears out!
> Jake
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> > Graham,
> >
> >    The talking ATMs seem to have come about because of legislation which
> > was pushed through by disabled people to try to get as much access as
> > possible in the country.  ADA, (Americans with Disabilities, Act), for
> > better or worse, has helped in some areas to give us some way to press
> > companies to make their public accommodations accessible.  I bitched
> > the one in my workplace and sited the ADA, this got the building moving
> > have Wells Fargo install a talking ATM.  Now days, Wells Fargo is
> > replacing all their ATMs with talking ones little by little.  Luckily,
> > they are a huge bank.  Does Australia have a similar law that would give
> > you some backup when pushing for change?  It doesn't cost much to make
> > ATM accessible. They just add the hardware to give access which includes
> > some extra PC-boards and a chunk of software and a headphone jack on the
> > machine.  It's just a PC in a huge box with the accessories for handling
> > cash and most of the size of the machine is for security and
> > When I was just out of college, I was lucky enough to work for a bank.
> > wrote software to audit transactions on the ATMs.  In those days, the
> > kept a paper roll inside to log transactions, I don't think the network
> > connections were as reliable then.  I don't know what they do today.
> > Once, I walked up to the ATM in our building.  I heard someone using it,
> > thought.  Turns out the people were refilling the cash.  They just about
> > had a cow, man.  They yelled at me to "Step away from the machine!".
> > can imagine, I just about freaked.  I must say, in my surprise, I yelled
> > back, "what the hell!". Well, to make a long story short, I complained
> > the bank and they apologized for the getting yelled at.  I still wonder
> > why they didn't realize that the cane meant that I didn't see them and
> > they could have just told me that it was being serviced.  Stupid, and
> > for the course.  I think the best one is the fact that my building had
> > inaccessible machine but they told me, "it has Braille on the keys, what
> > else do you want?".  It is amazing how little people seem to understand
> > about how things work.  It took a long time to convince them that this
> > meant nothing to any blind person.  Later, I found out that my bank had
> > those Brailed keys on their ATM drive through as well.  I think that
> > that my car is now accessible.
> >
> > Jeff
> >
> >

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