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I have been reading all the messages about the law, etc. and I agree that it
is important for our society to support the fact that we are governed by a
system of laws that are supposed to make it all work for everyone.  I must,
however, express my frustration about the exclusion of certain talent and
performances for such unlikely possibilities.  Isn't part of citizens doing
something about such problems to go ahead and take some risks to bring
things to a point of change?  
One of my friends who is an incredibly talented musician was excluded from
this talent show because of copyright issues.  He regularly plays the same
tune in public performances and he isn't in jail yet.  Is that technically
illegal too?  Why aren't there lawyers going around to clubs and music
venues taking notes on when copyrighted songs are played.  They could be
called copyright chasers instead of ambulance chasers.  
I want you all to know that you have been deprived of hearing one of the
most talented, creative trumpet players in the country.  He is working
everyday to preserve a form a music that is unique to this country.  Such
music is never going to be played on mainstream media, but it is music that
most people enjoy and feel happy about when they are exposed to it.  Are we
going to allow those who wield the power by using money to influence our
political process to squash all creativity that doesn't put more money in a
relatively small number of deep pockets?  
A very frustrated citizen,

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Because of copyright reasons, I was not able to use the following
selections.  I apologize to the people who did all the hard work to make
them and get them to me, but I simply could not find out  definitive answer
as to the nature of their copyright.  Actually, in the case of one song, I
new it was definitely still copyrighted.

1.  When I fall in love

2.  Cheek to Cheek

3.  As if we never said goodbye.

4.  Potato Head Blues.

Hopefully, when we have our next talent show, the people who performed these
can find something they can share with us.  There is a lot of really awesome
talent on this list.

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