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I don't want too beat this to death, but since the goal here appears to be
fear mongering... don't any of you go to sleep because millions of people
die every night in their sleep so make sure this doesn't happen to you. By
the way, lack of sleep can also kill you too. While we're being incredibly
overly cautious to the point of immobility, don't eat anything sold
commercially because of the carcinogens, don't breathe the air outside
because of the contaminants by automobiles and industry, and most
importantly, don't you dare tear the tag off your mattress because this is a
federal offense. In fear of appearing as though I'm violating anyone's legal
right to express themselves I will now end my contribution to this thread
and continue to live my dangerous and irreverent disregard for the law by
simply existing. Nevermind that beer and tobacco are the 2 controlled
substances that kill the most individuals both directly and indirectly,
which our government doesn't seem to hunt down club owners for selling
alcohol/bottled death.

J Garcia
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> Bill, believe it or not, bars and clubs are being sued today for karaoke
> violations.  If you do not buy a license to use karaoke music from one or
> another agency, you can be sued and there are several dozen suits in the
> federal courts right now over just this.
> I find it pretty sad, but it is a fact of life.
> One would think they have better things to do, but the major recording
> houses and performer unions actually send folk around to try and discover
> violations.  It's enough to make you gag.
> Dan
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