[bct] Re: TADI Unused Sample on Unbelievable Sale

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Hmmm! Megan, so you're the second person I have heard say that.  I
wonder about their quality control.  It is a lot to ask for such a low
price.  That makes me wonder how reliable they are.  I suspect that if
you get one that works, it will work for a long time.  It would appear,
however, that there might be some lemons out there.  Thanks for bringing
this to our attention.  One question in case I decide to purchase one.
Did you have trouble using the very small keys?  I don't imagine it is
something you can easily take notes on and it sounded, in the great
podcast on this, that even finding specific keys can prove difficult.
Any comments would be appreciated.


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I had one of these as well, but decided to return it because it crashed 
frequently and didn't hold a charge.


At 05:40 PM 1/12/2006, you wrote:
>I used to have a parrot, not the bird, but the talking organizer.  
>After about 8 months of putting up with its quirks and crashes, I 
>committed mayhem on it.  The burial was very simple.
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>Sounds a bunch better than the Voice Mate thing that I have and never 
>use because it eats batteries for lunch and only records 40 minutes of

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