[bct] Re: TADI Unused Sample on Unbelievable Sale

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Hello Neal,

As I wrote in a previous message to someone, I don't quite remember who,
Lynne and I have had ours for a couple of years and find them very helpful.
However, my use of the Tadi for writing notes is limited to the voice
recorder feature, unless the note is really short; like one or two words.
The keys are rather small, but not unmanageable, and once you have the lay
of the land, so to speak,  under your finger--I say finger because although
I'm a touch typist, I usually only use one finger-you'll be able to move
around the keyboard with ease and alacrity.

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> Hmmm! Megan, so you're the second person I have heard say that.  I
> wonder about their quality control.  It is a lot to ask for such a low
> price.  That makes me wonder how reliable they are.  I suspect that if
> you get one that works, it will work for a long time.  It would appear,
> however, that there might be some lemons out there.  Thanks for bringing
> this to our attention.  One question in case I decide to purchase one.
> Did you have trouble using the very small keys?  I don't imagine it is
> something you can easily take notes on and it sounded, in the great
> podcast on this, that even finding specific keys can prove difficult.
> Any comments would be appreciated.
> Neal
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> I had one of these as well, but decided to return it because it crashed
> frequently and didn't hold a charge.
> Megan
> At 05:40 PM 1/12/2006, you wrote:
> >I used to have a parrot, not the bird, but the talking organizer.
> >After about 8 months of putting up with its quirks and crashes, I
> >committed mayhem on it.  The burial was very simple.
> >
> >Neal
> >
> >
> >
> >
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> >
> >
> >Sounds a bunch better than the Voice Mate thing that I have and never
> >use because it eats batteries for lunch and only records 40 minutes of
> >speech.
> >
> >Dan

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