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Stephen, a couple questions.
1.  How good is the voice quality of the recordings at the highest
quality?  No, I'm not thinking of it for podcasting, but I also like the
notes I record to be quite good in quality.  Actually, would you be able
to record a few words about this device on the device itself and upload
it to the podcast subscription ftp site?
2.  Is there a web page where one can find more extensive information,
or is there a manual or recorded tape of file that explains the
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Talking Calculator. Talking Clock. Talking Notepad. Talking Diary.
Talking Phone Dialer. Talking Address Book. Talking Reminders. Talking
More then 900 phonebook contacts.
Storage Capacity - 5 hours digital recording.
Alphanumeric querty keypad with raised guided points for sight free data
Voiced feedback for every action.
Easy to program - easy to use.
One touch for - Direct access to name,phone number, message
record/playback, searching, recording, listening, copy, paste and
Portable, pocket size.
Down/up loading of language, data and software versions.
Password options for privacy.
Adjustable volume and contrast.
Earphone jack for private listening.
Alert for low battery.
Uses 3 "AAA" batteries or power supply (power adapter included).
Unit measures 5 3/4x3 1/2x1/2 inch.
Optional PC interface kit includes:
Outlook Synchronization
PC backup via USB
Voice email messenger-sends voice, email messages from Tadi to Tadi.
Manufactured by Variscite.
Normal retail is $269.95
If you've always wanted one, here's your opportunity to buy one at a
more affordable price:
Serious queries regarding this item will only be accepted via E-Mail.
If you would like this item, please E-Mail:
Stephen A. Guerra
Assistive Technology Specialist
Independent Living Aids
200 Robbins Lane
Jericho, NY 11753
www.independentliving.com <http://www.independentliving.com/> 
www.annmorris.com <http://www.annmorris.com/> 
www.soundbytes.com <http://www.soundbytes.com/> 

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